4-L Ministries

Teaching, Speaking, Writing, Supporting

Dr. Seat is an adjunct professor at Rockhurst University in Kansas City. In August 2006 he began teaching the required three-hour course "TH3000 -- Christianity II: Development," and in August 2010 he started teaching that course for the ninth time.

In January-March 2009 Dr. Seat taught "World Missions" for the second time at William Jewell College in Liberty.

In 2010 Dr. Seat has spoken at a Wednesday evening Lenten service at his current church home (Second Baptist Church, Liberty) and on June 27 at his home church (Grant City Baptist in Worth County, MO).
In addition, he preached five times during his "mission trip" to Japan in May 2010: at the Hirao Baptist, Fukuoka International, and Mejirogaoka Baptist churches; at a Chapel service of the Department of Theology, Seinan Gakuin University; and an the ordination service of the new associate pastor of the Fukuoka International Church.

Dr. Seat's book "Fed Up with Fundamentalism: A Historical, Personal, and Theological Appraisal of Christian Fundamentalism" was published in December 2007. The sequel, "The Limits of Liberalism: A Historical, Personal, and Theological Appraisal of Christian Liberalism," will soon be ready for publication.

Dr. Seat's supporting ministry is partially through various activities at his local church, Second Baptist Church, Liberty, MO.

He also supports educational activities in Japan through the Seinan Gakuin 4-L Foundation and supports individuals through e-mail activity.

In August 2009, Dr. Seat was elected to serve as a trustee of the "Word & Way," the official Baptist News Source for Missouri, so his supporting ministry now extends to that arena.